Peanut Butter Jelly TIme

Hi there...sorry I haven't been around...Been busy with well...nothing, lately. Cept getting achievements and phat lewts on my troll.

Got a new tablet pen and graphics software today. Still trying to figure it out since I accidentally skipped the tutorial. Got some of it down. It's like a more intuitive photoshop really, cept I don't know if I can make like, comic boxes and stuff in it yet.

Also, felt like drawing an anime chick, just to reaffirm that I have other nerdy interests besides WoW.

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Mr. Jack Happy said...

This… this "Peanut Butter Jelly Time," it bewitches the mind. Befuddles. Confounds. I am left without sufficient verbage. Without the diction to display my distress.

What could it mean, I ponder? What does any of it mean?

Very nice drawing, I approve. Seal of Approval. Happy Stamp. BAM, BITCHES.